Solar System for Residential Purposes

Solar energy is a wise investment for Australian homeowners. You are not just pinching pennies with our wonderful pleasant climate; you are also contributing to a healthy environment for future generations by lowering your carbon impact on the globe.

VIC Solar promises to assist more Australian households in reaping the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy. Our enthusiasm for the Australian solar sector is reflected in our activities and services, as we aspire to impart customized services to each client. We believe in only premium, top-notch products available on the market, and we safeguard to configure a high-performing solar system that will maximize your yield on your solar power investment.

Why Is It Necessary To Setup A Solar Energy System For Homes?

When you establish a solar energy system in your house, you will need less grid power. The greatest solar systems utilize only pure and perfect energy from the sun. Renewable energy implies that you are reducing emissions by avoiding the use of fossil fuel energy while also lowering your monthly expenditures.

We are here to assist you in every level of your solar system designing, authorization, and assembly procedures at affordable prices. VIC Solar can create unique gadgets to meet your specific needs for your home.

What Is the Process of Solar System?

Solar energy generates power by trapping sunshine. This is accomplished by placing solar System on your roof, which generate energy as DC (Direct Current), which is then routed into a solar inverter, which converts the Dc electricity from your photovoltaic arrays into AC (alternating current). The transformed energy runs your house, and any surplus is routed back onto the grid.

Schedule a No-Cost Solar Evaluation

As a responsible householder, you plan ahead of time for the coming year, and perhaps even a few years. You’re also most likely worried about the sudden rise in energy costs in Australia – and you’d be right to be cautious since it shows no indications of abating.

You can simply speak with us. When you approach us, we will organize for one of our certified solar experts to come to your house at a time that is convenient for you.

Throughout your FREE no-commitment session, we will assess anything essential to find the optimal Solar Energy Solution for you by:

  • Examining your electrical use
  • Examining your houses’ roof type
  • Examining the shade for any issues
  • Legitimizing your roof’s alignment
  • Taking into account the roof’s slope
  • Determining the number and location of solar system
  • Analysis of the location of the Solar Inverter
  • Analyze where the wires can be placed
  • Future needs will be discussed with you.

For homeowners, we offer three main solar panel systems:

6.6KW solar panel system

Output of 6600 kWh Our most popular system.

10KW solar panel system

Our top value system, Output of 14,900-15,300 kWh/year

Hybrid Inverters With Batteries

Get a battery backup to manage your solar savings, Output of 10,500-11,500 kWh/year, Ideal for most homes.

The Monetary Advantages of a Home Solar Power System

The possible monetary advantage of setting up a PV unit is one of the grounds clients contemplate doing so. Nevertheless, the extent of this advantage is hard to anticipate because it is dependent on a variety of variables and fluctuates depending on the consumer. The sections that follow highlight the essential criteria that will assist new PV clients in determining their anticipated monetary benefit.

What are the primary sources of long-term financial gain for new PV clients?

Rebates on retail power bills as well as possible cash from unsubsidized Feed-in prices.

What factors should new PV consumers perceive when calculating their potential monetary gain?

PV consumers should consider this when calculating the anticipated monetary advantages of a Photovoltaic module:

  • How much power they consume, and how their energy use fluctuates during a normal day
  • What capacity unit is most suited to their needs based on their conditions
  • If their PV unit’s placement and alignment are optimal.
What factors should PV consumers perceive when evaluating market offerings from retailers?

PV consumers, like other clients, must evaluate a retailer’s comprehensive unique selling proposition, not just the renewable feed-in tariff element, and match it to other comparable offers.

As previously stated, money from unsubsidized feed-in tariffs is unlikely to represent a significant cause of economic gain for most PV consumers. Furthermore, all PV users will keep receiving power bills – at minimum for the energy they consume when our Parent Star is not blazing on their cells and their PV equipment is unable to produce.

As a result, a proposal with a reduced feed-in tariff and a smaller use price may offer a superior value than one with a greater feed-in tariff and an increased usage price.

Note: This calculation estimates a yearly output of 1,882 kWh. The consumer price is 0.30 cents per kWh, while the unsubsidized feed-in tariff is 0.06 cents per kWh. The trade ratio is the percentage of power generated by a Photovoltaic module that is transferred to the grid. 

Only select clients that deploy extremely big PV units (e.g., more than 5kW) but have very low usage (e.g., less than 2,000 kWh per year) can make enough cash from unsubsidized feed-in tariffs to balance their overall power cost.

Our primary goal is to provide the greatest quality, most effective solar PV installations and services to the Australian

  • Home
  • Corporate
  • Manufacturing sectors

All of these are installed to the greatest order of craftsmanship and industry best practice. To do this, VIC Solar provides the most extensive sales expertise and tech assistance, enabling us to aid you in choosing the optimum solar power system, managing your solar energy system, and optimizing your solar energy investment returns.

Our long-term goal is to make solar energy a realistic and affordable choice for households, neighborhoods, companies, and institutions all around Australia and beyond. VIC Solar fosters solid ties with our vendors, which enables us to provide innovative solutions at the most affordable prices in the business. We aim to assist you, to save the earth, and even to make you monetarily active in the meantime.

Please refer to the consumer guide for further information.


Payment options

Affordable Energy Plans


Cash payment

Have the cash on hand to buy the system upfront? This allows you to be free of any ongoing repayments or obligations, and you can usually expect to be cash-flow positive within a few years.

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Let VIC Solar organize finance for you. We design repayments so they closely match the savings on electricity bills, so you can pay off solar system with no significant impact on cash flow.



You can arrange finance through your own lender to purchase the system on your behalf and make repayments directly to them. We are happy to liaise with the financier of your choice.