We, VIC Solar is committed to resolving customer’s queries and complaints in a timely and efficient way possible, as every customer is valuable to us.

VIC Solar handles customer personal information in accordance with VIC Solar’s Privacy Policy.

The objective of this procedure is:

To ensure that the customer is aware of our complaint lodge

ment and handling processes. A complaint is being investigated impartially with a balanced view based on all information or evidence provided.

Twelve Months Limitation:

Customer complaints MUST have occurred within the 12 months preceding the date of occurrence of the events related to the complaint.

In some exceptional circumstances, VIC Solar may grant an extension if, and only if, there are appropriate grounds to justify this including for matters that occurred more than 12 months before the Complaint was lodged.

If the customer wishes to apply for an extension, then He/She should write on why VIC Solar should grant this extension, including substantive evidence such as a detailed description of the reason for the delay in complaining.

However, approval will be required from the Director of the business unit for extensions to be granted.

VIC Solar requires the following information:

  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • Email Address.
  • The nature of the complaint, please include as much information as possible
  • Remedy requested

Please note that the following details be provided to assist with your query:

  1. Details to support your claim which includes the breach of warranty concerning the Components Warranty or the Installation Warranty or others, if any.
  2. A copy of invoice, receipt or any other document which provides proof of purchase of the installation services; and details to contact you.

Complaint Resolution process:

  1. Based on the provided details, the Issue is identified in not more than 5 business days.
  2. Priority complaints should have a subject line as “Priority Complaint” and be emailed to the admin manager.
  3. The admin manager will contact the customer within 24 business hours for any extra details needed to resolve the complaint.
  4. After identifying the issue necessary action will be performed from the VIC Solar end. For all Solar System functioning issues, an electrician will be sent to evaluate the issue within 36-48 hours of identifying the issue.
  5. If the issue/complaint requires further investigation, we’ll aim to resolve it within 14 business days. And the same will also be communicated to the customer.
  6. Under unexpected exceptional circumstances where the complaint cannot be resolved within 14 working days, the reason for the delay will be explained to the customer and a new timeline will be provided via Email or phone calls. VIC Solar is committed to resolving the complaint within 45 days of the receipt of the complaint.

Types of Remedies:

Remedies may include

  • Refunds
  • Repairs/Rework
  • Replacement
  • Compensation

If the above remedies are provided by VIC Solar – they are subject to our Terms conditions, and Warranties, which apply to the products and services that the customer purchased from VIC Solar, including applicable consumer guarantees and our obligations under the Australian law or consumer legislation in place at the time you purchased your products and services

Customers Rights under Australian Consumer Law:

If the customer is not happy with the process and outcome of the issue, the customer can contact Fair Trading SA. Any non-compliance with the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct may be raised to CEC or VIC Solar.

  • Department of Fair Trading (NSW): 13 32 20
  • Department of Fair Trading (QLD): 13 74 68
  • Department of Fair Trading (ACT): (02) 6207 3000
  • Consumer Protection (WA): 1300 304 054
  • Department of Fair Trading (SA): 13 18 82

Contact details of the respective offices are provided below.

VIC Solar Office Number: 0448 148 336

Email: admin@vicsolarsystem.com.au