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With the onset of 2021 we moving to a higher feed in tariff of 30c / Kwh

Discover Energy, offers market-leading c solar FIT Discover Energy’s VPP Premium Plan will launch on July 2021. It offers to eligible battery users a market-leading 30c solar feed-in-tariff for the first 300kwh exported back to the grid per household per quarter, with a subsequent 18c solar feed-in-tariff for the next 300 kWh. Solar exported after 600 kwh per quarter will receive a lower, but still competitive rate. This substantial tariff is also offered in tandem with access to Discover Energy’s trading platform, which has provided competitive energy trades for customers, regularly trading battery energy at spot-prices more than 100 times higher than standard market solar feed-in tariffs


How it works

First 300 Kwh exported 30c
Measured over one quarter Next 300 Kwh exported 18c
Remaining exports unlimited 6c

Example: Based on 6.6 Kwh system with 10 kwh battery, if customer exports 1000 Kwh in a quarter it works as below –

First 300 Kwh exported / quarter 30c 300 x 30c = $90
Next 300 Kwh exported / quarter 18c 300 x 18c = $54
Remaining exports unlimited 6c 400 x 6c = $24
Total FIT paid = $ 168

1. Maximum inverter capacity of 10KW and have a maximum PV generating capacity of 13.3KW (no changes)

2. This will only be applicable for the new VPP customers effective 17 February 2022.

Invest in a Solaring solution and join the VPP community trading your clean energy with others and receive further income from your investment!

To communicate with the VPP Platform you must have any of the following solar and battery operating systems installed:


  • Sungrow
  • AlphaEss
  • GoodWe
  • SolarEdge
  • Huawei
  • Qhome
  • Growatt


  • LG Chem
  • BYD
  • PylonTech
  • Sungrow
  • GCL
  • AlphaEss
  • GoodWe
  • LG
  • Huawei
  • Growatt
Your need to live in one of the following states: NSW, SE QLD or SA
The VPP Platform operates over the Internet and requires a stable Internet connection.

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